Rolands Zilvinskis — Graphic Designer & Photographer

What's In My Wardrobe?


What’s In My Wardrobe?

Illustrated Infographics 

Data Visualisation is about the selection, organisation and presentation of information. It primarily focuses on clear and efficient communication, presenting the information in an unbiased and accurate way.


The brief asked to create a piece of data visualisation, using clothes as a basis. We all have a relationship with clothes, whether they simply serve a functional purpose or act as a form of self-expression. I took the opportunity to create an illustrated infographic based on all the clothes found in my own wardrobe, allowing me to gather insight into my personal dressing habits.

The main purpose of the data was to showcase the frequency or percentage of how often a piece of clothing has been worn. Each piece of clothing acts as data by itself - the larger the piece of clothing, the more frequently it has been worn, the smaller the piece of clothing - the less frequently it has been worn. Facts or percentages about individual categories of clothing have been emphasised and visualised with various pie charts, graphs or diagrams, to help grab the viewers attention and offer an interesting reading and viewing experience. The style of illustration is distinctive, vibrant and friendly, with colours and features of every piece of illustrated clothing accurately reflecting its corresponding real piece of clothing.