Rolands Zilvinskis — Graphic Designer & Photographer

The Worker


The Worker


Recently learning that memes are going to get banned in Europe, he set out on a passion driven mission to put smiles back on these kids faces.


The Meme Dealer operates mostly out of Limerick, but he can accommodate an odd deal outside the city or even as far out as Dublin, Ireland. He’s been a meme lover and user his whole entire life, so it was only natural for him to pursue the (now) illegal side of the business. He is working hard in-between deals, researching and manufacturing memes, in order to get them ready for the exchanges. Not trusting anyone else, he is his own supplier. List of costumers range between students who are too afraid to access memes themselves, to older adults who are interested in trying out memes for the first time in their lives. His identity and other personal information has been disclosed, for anonymity reasons.

Written, Directed, Filmed & Edited by Rolands Zilvinskis. Filmed in Limerick & Shannon, Ireland.