Rolands Zilvinskis — Graphic Designer & Photographer

The Flying Cheese Brigade


The Flying Cheese Brigade

Branding and Packaging Design

Branding and packaging design created for The Flying Cheese Brigade, which is an Irish family owned artisan business, specialising in selling various cheeses across Ireland.


The combination mark features a happy, friendly cow named Betty, who in her spaceship made of cheese, space travels to different planets and galaxies in search for the best cheese possible. For the logotype, a Helvetica Neue typeface is used, which is slightly modified to make it appear less serious and to give it more character.

The idea behind the packaging is to deliver and communicate a fun, colourful and friendly message throughout. The artwork for the packaging is based around the copyline “Out of this World”, exaggerating the concept in a humorous way, by landing Betty on different cheese and tomato planets. The artwork is used on packaging for various products sold by the business, such as cheese selection box, sundried tomatoes, chilli cheddar cheese soup, kids cheese selection box, cheese wrapping paper and a paper bag.